Social Advertising

Social Advertising

Is Social Media Advertising For You?

Advertising your business through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can be a highly effective, although it’s important to recognise that each individual business needs it’s own digital marketing considerations. At SEO Gold Coast, we work to understand your business and it’s unique target market and needs. This helps us assess a social strategies feasibility and once assessed, shape a social advertising strategy that’s tailored for you.

Choosing the right platform

Choosing the right platform to advertise on can be daunting, especially for businesses new to social advertising. Each platform has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and it’s important you have a clear idea of the audience you’re trying to speak to. Without this knowledge and experience, your social media marketing has the odds against it.

Eat, Sleep, Measure, Repeat.

Once our social media strategy is formulated and implemented, we work tirelessly to measure results and work to optimise them to ensure you’re getting the most value for your valuable marketing dollars. Everything is meticulously tracked and measured using Google Analytics to help you understand your cost-per-customer across each marketing channel. For more information on how we can develop a winning social strategy for you, get in touch.