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We know Digital Marketing. It’s as simple as that.

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A specialist company built on the foundation of honest, transparent and results-based campaigns. Sounds like an oxymoron right?
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We have been working in the industry for the better part of a decade and seen it all. From early days of primitive algorithmic ranking signals that were simple to exploit, to todays cutting edge AI calculated results. Some things have drastically changed, others not so much. Despite this, we have continued to stay ahead of the curve. This is done by strict quality control, best practises and careful consideration for each individual campaign.

Despite being a specialist SEO firm, we also offer Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), Conversion-Rate-Optimisation (CRO), Social Advertising and Website Development services. As a full-service agency, we ensure that any digital marketing recommendations are developed after careful consultations with the prospective client and that means we seldom recommend single services.





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About Us

We are one of, if not the Gold Coast’s most experienced SEO company. Despite being a relatively new agency, our staff are well known within the industry and have worked work with some of the biggest brands in Australia, on all types of digital marketing campaigns. Although we can’t advertise it, to find out more just ask or to arrange an audit or consultation book in a digital strategy session.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple; transparent, honest, performance-based campaigns. Our consultants aren’t just your average salespeople. We challenge you to get in touch and see for yourself. All are technically trained and have hands-on-experience ranking websites. In short, they know what they’re talking about.

Experience matters

We understand the difference between difference businesses and their online objectives.  Our track record of success shows this. All clients are treated individually. We understand the importance that each strategy requires its own analysis and roadmap.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is projected from a solid foundation of understanding each individual clients needs, requirements and goals. This allows our consultants to do proper competitor analysis and keyword research. From here we hone down on a list of target keywords that not only are in line with your service offering, but also actually have search volume. At SEO Gold Coast, we understand that it sounds ridiculous to suggest keywords with no search volume. Despite this, it’s a common trick for SEO companies to provide keywords with little or no search volume in a bid to achieve easy results. We provide full reports on average monthly search volume for all keyword research. This means our keyword strategies are designed for ROI.

Once keywords are confirmed, we meticulously plan your on-page optimisation as any good company should. This includes a complete audit, review and implementation to ensure your website is optimised for maximum search visibility. The on-page doesn’t end here though, we then use proprietary and third-party software to track and notify if anything is disrupted over the rest of the optimisation journey.

We are engaged in the promotion of all types of sites. These can be commercial and government organizations. We even promote casino sites. We have our own personal website where you can play at the best mobile casino for real money or for free.

Our Backlinking Strategy

When it comes to off-site, or backlinking, this is by the far the most integral part of the strategy and implementation. We carefully analyse your existing backlink profile before building any links, then custom design a strategy based on your current backlink profile structure. This means all backlink strategies are different depending on the keywords being targeted, your current rankings, your current backlink profile and the geographical scope of the targeting. The off-site SEO is ongoing and once we build new authority in the form of backlinks, we also need to continually maintain it.


As a business, we understand return-on-investment is paramount. Whenever we look into the success of a given campaign, we look past rankings and other indicators such as organic traffic growth and organic conversion growth. Time and time again we speak with prospective clients who have been using an agency, sometimes for years with no conversion tracking or proper reporting set up. We hold ourselves accountable by understanding the important metrics to your business growth. We then a thorough benchmark of these and putting together KPI’s with clear expected dates to achieve them. This is reviewed monthly to ensure we stay on track to meet the expectations set


All work is done within Australia and our account managers are technically trained, meaning they actually know what they’re talking about. As nothing is outsourced, turnaround times are quick and things aren’t lost in translation. We get the job done right – the first time.

We understand there can be a gap in understanding the complexities of what we do as an agency. We help solve this by having technically trained account managers as they can assist to bridge the learning gap and provide a truly consultative experience. We believe that through a clear understanding of what we do and how we do it, clients can understand and recognise the importance of our SEO services.

Why Choose SEO Gold Coast?

We know SEO and broader digital marketing services are competitive, but what we feel differentiates us from the rest is our partnerships. We see our clients as business partners, not just as clients. That means their success is our success. If we can grow our partner’s business, so does ours.

That means we set meaningful KPI’s and growth targets based on your business goals and reasonable and achievable timeframes. We also know services need to be reasonably priced and that we need to hit our targets to be able to easily and accurately report on these in a way that all business owners can understand.

From the point of sale to campaign completion, we are open and honest about our own expectations and work with you to ensure we both have a clear and concise understanding of what Is required for a successful campaign.

Speak with our strategists today to find out more about how SEO Gold Coast can help achieve your business goals.

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144/10 Albert Ave
Broadbeach QLD 4218

Contact Number

1300 389 412

Our Services

1. Local

This involves targeting local traffic as well as your Google MyBusiness listing (formerly Google maps). Latest Google data suggests up to 46% of all Google searches have a local intent. This highlights the importance of incoporating local search traffic into your digital marketing strategy.

2. eCommerce

eCommerce marketing is a specialty of ours. We understand how search, display and social work together to build highly-effective eCommerce marketing campaigns.

3. Mobile

Mobile is often overlooked when running a digital marketing campaign. With that being said, mobile search now accounting for over 50% of all searches. We strategise, optimise and report for mobile seperately accross our campaigns.

4. Google Shopping

Google Shopping now accounts for 76.4% of retail search ad spend compared to search text ads. This is huge considering many businesses don't utilise Shopping Ads. Get your products online now to gain an edge on your competition.

5. International SEO

International SEO is unique and highly-specialised. Contact us to find out our experience launching multi-country sites and optimising them to perform well in multiple international search engines.

6. SEO for Franchises

Franchise businesses can greatly benefit from SEO. The combination of highly-localised SEO optimisation for their franchisees, combined with a broader overall strategy for the brand and service is a poweful marketing tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is SEO?

For most businesses, organic traffic accounts for the vast majority of traffic, enquires and online transactions. The latest reports suggest that up to 94% of traffic through Google goes directly to organic as opposed to clicking Google Ads. This figure alone highlights how critical SEO is for websites to succeed online.  A solid strategy can provide an enormous Return-On-Investment and be the driving force for online success. With that being said, ensuring your SEO is in order helps build the foundation for successful online marketing campaigns.

How much does SEO cost?

Prices vary depending on how many keywords are targeted and how broad you are when targeting locations. Given this, we also take into account the existing SEO on the website and current website ranking performance. This means that 10 keywords for one website might be priced differently to another depending on the current rankings, the geographical area targeted and on what the keywords actually are.

Pricing starts at $400+ for local campaigns (e.g SEO Broadbeach) to  $5000+ per month for competitive nation-wide terms (e.g ‘plumbers’). To get a more accurate quote, it’s best to speak directly with a company that can take the points mentioned into consideration.

How long does SEO take?

Unfortunately things don’t happen overnight. Google and other search engines ‘index’ or ‘visit’ websites generally every 2-4 weeks. This means any changes we make, take time for the search engines to find and consider when calculating the search results.

With that being said, with most campaigns we expect to see improvements within 45 days and your first new front page positions within 90. For the full effects of a campaign though it can take up to 12 months. The aim for SEO Gold Coast though is to have campaigns to be at a minimum providing an ROI for clients within 3-4 months.

Timeframes can vary depending on your website, the keywords you’re targeting, the age of the domain, your current rankings and any prior SEO work done on the website. For a more accurate outline of timeframes though, it’s best to have a consultant review your website first.

Do I need to continue one I’m ranking?

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process. Google requires websites to gain authority over time and once this is gained, it needs to be maintained. It’s Google’s way of ensuring the search results stay fresh and up-to-date. As the service is charged monthly on a retainer, our goal is to generate a significant return as quickly as possible so it remains part of your ongoing marketing budget and the spend is easily justified. We demonstrate value not only through improved rankings and search visibility but also through conversion tracking. This means we can track where your sales or inquiries come from and breakdown the return-on-investment. For e-commerce, we can even use e-commerce conversion tracking to get an actual dollar figure. This is also useful for other digital marketing activities and understanding the value they are providing.

Is there any risk to my website?

There is always an inherent risk when employing an agency. Despite Google providing guidelines around how to better your SEO, they regularly change the goal-posts. Recent reports state that Google on average update their algorithm for calculating search results up to 3,600 times per year. Keeping this in mind, although your company may control some aspects of your strategy, they can never control all factors. Given these factors all affect each other it can make things complex.

In saying this though, a good company should know best-practice and the risks are low. They can advise on expected outcomes and advise you of the risks so you can make the decisions along the way. Through using white-hat techniques and maintaining quality control through in-house work and careful planning, the risk is extremely low.

Do you have experience recovering Google penalties?

Yes, we have reversed dozens of penalties in the past though for a range of issues such as malware, unnatural links, thin content and cloaking. For these types of issues, it’s usually a ‘manual’ penalty where a message is received in Google Search Console making it easier to identify, but it can take longer to fix as we rely on Google reviewing the ‘fix’ once complete. It can take up to 6 months in this case. In the case of an algorithmic penalty, it can be harder to identify as Google won’t notify you, but most cases can be fixed within 6 months.

If you have a concern about a Google penalty, it’s best to speak with us directly so we can diagnose the issue and put a plan in place to get your website back in the search results.

Do you use automated tools?

Yes, any experienced company should use an arsenal of automated tools to assist with ranking a website. This can have bad connotations, but we draw the line at automated link-building tools – all links are built by hand to ensure a high level of quality control.

Automated tools allow us to better put our time and resources into more important and impactful parts of the strategy.

Do you outsource your digital marketing services?

We don’t outsource any of our digital marketing services. You can speak directly with the person who is working on the campaign. We pride ourselves on our level of technical expertise and believe this is what separates us from many of our competitors. These competitors who outsource overseas or even to other Australian-based companies are just middle-men and rarely can give technical insights into the strategy and results. Through our consultative-style services, we aim to educate clients along the journey to help show them the value we bring and why it’s a good investment.