Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management 

Google Ads Management

As a trusted and certified Google certified agency, we offer expert Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) management services. Whether it’s a new campaign or optimisation of an existing, our specialists work to project KPI’s, benchmark any existing results and grow your business.

All of our campaigns are meticulously measured and optimised to get your money working for you. We report regularly on important metrics, not the fluffy ones such as cost-per-conversion and conversion rate. As a business, we know that the metrics that mean growth are real customers coming through the door and we aim to do that at the absolute lowest cost possible.

We utilise all of Google’s advertising products and are certified in each, such as Google Search, Display, Retargeting, Shopping, YouTube advertising and more. Despite being able to use your advertising budget across all, our expertise in each allow us to recommend only the mediums we feel will provide the absolute best results. Our goal isn’t to get you spending as much as possible, but to spend the money in the right areas to ensure we maintain long-term partnership through providing value in the service we offer.

We offer free phone consultations and recommendations on your existing campaigns so get in touch to find out more.

Google Search Advertising

The Google Search network can be utilised to target and re-market to Google search engine users who are looking for specific keywords. This means you can target your customers when they are actively searching for your products and services or related terms. Users can be filtered based on their location, time of the day they search, devices they use and many other filters to ensure we have the best possible chance of converting them into a customer.

Google Display Advertising

Display works different to Search, in that rather than targeting people who are using the search engine, we’re targeting people who are browsing the web and using websites that are opted into Google’s enormous advertising network. On this network, we show display ads in an effort to entice users to interact with them. This can include highly-effective advertising such as retargeting users who have previously visited customer websites in an effort to bring them back to the website.