Reputation Management

Reputation Management Services

Reputation Management Services

Has your business or name been tarnished by online content? We understand that search engines often display content, regardless of authenticity or bias. This content can be near impossible to remove and in many cases causes huge damage to your business or name.

At SEO Gold Coast, we’re specialists in helping reduce the search visibility of undesirable content. Although it can be difficult, in almost all cases we successfully reduce the rankings of the search engine listed content, with the goal of ultimately removing it from the front page all together.

When it comes to removing this content, timing is everything. The longer the undesirable content is in the search engine index, the trickier the process. This means you need to act now to give yourself or your business the best chance of success.

How it works

Reputation management is a complex process and it’s critical it’s done correctly. Many agencies take the approach of trying too ‘negative SEO’ the listing. Whilst this may have been effective in early days, this method can have the opposite effect and in turn ‘cement’ the listing in the search results or even improve its ranking. This effect is compounded if the content is listed on an authoritative site such as a news website.

Our approach is more strategic, where we identify existing and create new content that we positively SEO. This pushes existing and new content above the undesired content, pushing it down the page and eventually off the front page.

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Each case needs to be independently analysed to work out the best path forward. No two strategies are the same. To find out more, get in touch with our specialists. All consultations are 100% confidential.