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October 23, 2019

Email Marketing Statistics To Guide Your Strategy In 2019

Email Marketing Statistics To Guide Your Strategy In 2019

Email marketing is an evergreen strategy that has been there since the advent of the internet – and it is here to stay.

Consider this: with this channel, marketers can see an ROI of 4400% or $44 for every $1 spent.

Here, we have compiled a list of all the major email marketing statistics that will help you achieve your marketing goals this year and beyond.

Stat #1: 68% Of Millennials Have Reported That Promotional Emails Influence Their Purchase Decision

In this report by Fluent, different advertising methods were analysed, including Facebook and Instagram ads, text messages and emails.

The results showed that more than two out of the three millennials said that promotional emails influenced their decision most of the time.

Key Takeaway: Promotional emails can be personalised for better results as they were found to be 10% more effective with millennials than older consumers.

Stat #2: 55% Of Consumers Are In Favour Of Email Messages That Contain Relevant Products

As per a study by Liveclicker, personalised email marketing messages fare much better than the blast strategy.

With so many emails bombarding our inbox every day, personalising them to include products from the customer’s browsing history can boost your sales.

Key takeaway: Consumers don’t mind revealing their behavioural patterns and purchase habits if they get personalised suggestions. Fine-tune your email marketing strategy to include an element of personalisation.

Stat #3: 56% Of Emails Are Read On iPhones Or In Gmail

This study by Litmus analysed various platforms to understand which is better for email marketing.

They found that Gmail and iPhone were the two major email clients that were being made use of, which indicates that mobile-friendly email templates and content are an absolute necessity now.

Key Takeaway: For marketers to gain maximum return out of their email strategy, they need to understand how Gmail works – for example, people could use the snooze function to get rid of unnecessary emails. And so, it’s important to add a tone of urgency to increase open rates within your subject line and avoid lengthy content or large images.

Stat # 4: 82% Of Marketers Keep Their Subject Lines Within A Character Limit Of 60 Or Less

A study from 100 top marketers on their sending patterns by AWeber revealed that 82% of them prefer emails that have precise and crisp subject lines – and the main reason is that email service providers do not show the entire subject line if it is longer than 60 characters, especially on smartphones.

Key Takeaway: In a mobile-first world where people usually view content on-the-go, it is imperative that no element of the email drives them off. Keep in mind that long subject lines can be a hindrance to people when viewed on mobile devices.

Stat # 5: Emails Checked At Work Account For 2.5 Hours Per Weekday

Source: SEOTribunal

Emails have become an indispensable part of our personal and work routine; when Adobe carried out a study on the use of email by white-collar workers, they found that people spent approximately 2.5 hours checking emails every day.

Key Takeaway: Marketers do not need to worry about their target audience not checking their emails within work hours only. Keep in mind though that they are likely to take action after business hours.

Stat #6: By 2022 More Than 347 Billion Email Will Be Sent and Received

From 269 billion in 2018, the number of email sent and received is expected to surpass 347 billion by 2022.

Key Takeaway: Marketers need to think of strategies to stay on top of their game by creating content that stands out. Additionally, your subject lines need to be hard-hitting to ensure maximum open rates and click-through, especially since the number of emails being sent is only going to increase.

Equipped with these email marketing statistics, you can implement the relevant strategies to optimise your marketing campaign and increase brand awareness, drive conversions and encourage customer loyalty.

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