e-Commerce SEO

SEO for e-Commerce

Skyrocket sales, reduce your marketing spend.

Almost all successful online stores are built on a solid SEO foundation. Without organic traffic, it’s almost impossible to run a profitable store. Despite this, many e-commerce stores invest far more of their marketing budget into PPC due to reliability and forecasting advantages.

Despite this, there are stores who recognised the opportunity to capitalise on the 94% of Google Search that doesn’t click on Ads and invested in SEO heavily. Many of these stores, such as Adore Beauty, had huge success.

Investing in SEO can improve your rankings, traffic and bottom-line significantly. All this, whilst also reducing your reliance  and investment on pay-per-click advertising.

Experience Matters

When choosing an SEO company for your e-Commerce store, it’s important they have experience with other similar online stores.  The complexity of the site structure, the CMS it operates on and the number of individual products/categories listed can change the approach and SEO techniques used greatly.

At SEO Gold Coast, we have experience and demonstrated SEO success across e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento (1 & 2), Neto, WooCommerce and many more. Our technicians have years of e-commerce SEO experience not only with the platforms, but also with dozens of niche’ products and stores of all sizes.

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